I’m of the opinion that unless things change, the forex robot reviews niche is fast drifting towards a treacherous zone. And if you doubt that, ask the crypto folks, they’ve struggled to pull away from that area for years now. I’m talking about the dozens of fake online EA reviews. Getting cheated into an investment by someone who’s actually supposed to protect you from it sounds pretty terrible.


I understand your frustration and your pain points because I’ve been there. That’s why I publish the most brutally honest reviews the internet has ever seen. If you’re a victim of fake reviews or wish to avoid that in the first place, Forexbot is the place for you. Unveiling the truth behind forex EAs is what we do best, and this Worthy FX Trader review isn’t any different. 

Enough ranting! 

Sit tight as I walk you through everything there is to know about Worthy FX Trader, most of which no one ever tells you.

What is Worthy FX Trader?

Before we start, I can confirm that Worthy FX Trader’s official website is down at the time of this publication. Therefore, most of the info herein is from independent third-party sites such as Myfxbook.com and Forex Peace Army.

With that, this robot claims to be an automated Meta Trader for trading EURGBP. According to their account information on Forex Peace Army, Worthy Forex is not a scalping or hedging tool against currencies. Instead, they claim to focus more on accuracy and ensuring that their users view the tool as more of a reliable investment and not a quick cash-making app.  

In terms of its functionality, I found nothing out of the ordinary. Just like hundreds of other EAs, Worthy FX Trader engages in automated trades on behalf of its users. The tool leverages some undisclosed strategies to identify potentially profitable market moves around their currency pair.

Features Breakdown

  • Description: Trading robot
  • Trading pairs: EURGBP
  • Price: $109
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Trading timeframe: H1

The $109 price tag offers you a lifetime ownership of two real trading accounts as well as two demo ones. 

It is worth noting that the platform has poorly written content on its Forex Army Peace account. This could be a clear indication that their software might not be that perfect too. But then again, if only their site was operational now, I’d probably have a better shot of thoroughly reviewing their offerings.

Worthy FX Trader Review: Trading Analysis

Worthy FX Trader’s only available trading transactions relate to 2018 and 2019 and they denote profitability on multiple instances coupled with occasional losses. 

The statement shows that in a span of one week, the software traded six times, meaning, they probably traded once a day on average. All their published transactions in 2018 relate to ‘sells’ with the only listed ‘buys’ dating to 2019. 

Worthy FX Trader’s last published trading transaction is a 2019 ‘buy’ that resulted in a profit of $59.

Apart from there, there isn’t much information regarding this tool’s trading insights considering their website is down and they no longer publish information on any third-party platform.


In conclusion, we came across the only published feedback regarding this tool and thought you might find it useful:

While not answering emails doesn’t necessarily amount to being a scam, it sure does raise eyebrows. With no functioning website, public data, or any positive review, my advice is if you were considering using this robot, you might want to hold on to your money or find another EA. We’ll be watching out for any latest updates regarding Worthy FX Trader to keep you posted but until then, please steer clear of it.