According to the robot’s website, Screti is an excellent way to generate profits in the Forex market despite your market knowledge. Today, we perform an EA review of the Screti Forex Robot by analyzing its trading methods, stats, website and user reviews to ascertain whether the robot is legit.

What is Screti Forex Robot?

Screti Forex Robot is an online platform that combines the strength of seven EAs in one and works on the MT4 platform. The robot only works with the EURUSD currency pair and timeframes ranging from M1 to H1.

This robot is fully automatic and works 24 hours on weekdays. It closes trades on Friday to prevent weekend losses. Using this robot can get you up to 50% in profit. The robot has AI capabilities to enable it to handle financial transactions according to its site.

It looks like Screti’s creator withdrew it from mql5 and a different robot, Alexia is now displayed with the Jack Flash 7 Pro combo that Screti also uses. We have no idea what the robot’s price is at the moment.

These are some of the robot’s features:

  • The robot is 100% automatic
  • 24/5 all-round trading
  • It trades on one currency pair
  • Works on the M1 to H1 timeframe range
  • Uses trend indicators

EA Review: Screti Forex Robot

The robot uses market trend analysis with seemingly high accuracy, according to what the developer explains. The robot’s market analysis uses a few indicators, including RSI. CCI and Stoch to be successful. RSI stands for the Relative Strength Index, which shows when a currency pair is either oversold or overbought. This is an excellent indicator, especially when a robot is using the reverse trend strategy.

CCI stands for the Commodity Channel Index, an indicator based on momentum. This indicator is mainly used to recognize long-term trend changes but can be adapted for any time frames.

Stats and User Reactions

We start this review with the website. The website is an entire confused mess, and we haven’t been able to decipher what exactly the creators are trying to sell. They have great backgrounds and images but no content to support their website. We struggled to find the correct information. The only thing we know about this robot is that it trades with no emotion, makes no mistakes and can trade 24/5.

There are seven backtests for each of the EAs in the combo. We will focus on the first one’s. For Jack F1 Pro, with a $3000 deposit, on a 1:500 leverage, the backtest shows an expected $569 payout. The profit factor for this test is 2.78, which is good and a 77 % chance of profit.

On Myfxbook, the robot’s track record is verified and has a 620.13% absolute gain. The deposit was $1002.43, which earned $3602.34 from June 2020 to April 2021. We couldn’t find any user reviews on Screti Forex Robot.

Final Thoughts

With so many omissions, we don’t believe that this is a robot you can trust. The report on Myfxbook is quite detailed, but the confusing mess that is the website and the unavailability of the bot on mql5 leaves something to be desired. We, therefore, don’t recommend purchasing this robot.