We live in an error of high automation adoption and forex robots have been seeing to it that traders aren’t left behind. Save for a few fraudsters, Forex EAs have been helping traders earn decent profits without much of their participation. So, where does Berlinetta Trading fall? Is it legit or yet another forex scam?

In this Review of Berlinetta Trading, we’ll be answering that plus other pertinent questions as raised by the forex community.

What is Berlinetta Trading?

If you’re a cars enthusiast like myself, you wouldn’t be mistaken to think this robot relates to one of those 90s Ferrari racing cars, especially the famous Ferrari F12 Berlinetta hyper-car. But no, it has nothing to do with this Italian car model. 

In the Forex context, Berlinetta is a trading robot offering trade mirroring services and expert advice to traders. The tool allegedly mirrors favourable trading signals to its users’ screens; meaning, while it is a trading robot, you have absolutely no control over its settings.

Berlinetta is reportedly a Hungary-based forex trading company but there is no information about the owners or developers. The robot has also not published its trading strategies on any independent platform. 

Its website was also offline by the time we were publishing this Review of Berlinetta Trading.

Berlinetta Overview

While gathering info about Berlinetta Trading was fairly difficult, we reviewed it based on the information published on authoritative third-party sites. The robot’s key features include:

  • Description: Mirroring tool and EA
  • Last known price: $247
  • Trading strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Unknown

We tried searching for this robot on Trustpilot but nothing came up.

Review of Berlinetta: Trading Aspect

We managed to find one trading chart (please refer to the chart at the top) by Berlinetta Trading showing that in a given month, the robot generated a profit of 26%. The same chart suggests that the EA’s profit for the month grew by about 519% with a profit factor of 1.76.

Other than that, we could not confirm several other crucial details including trading strategies, time frames, compatible brokerage, and more due to the closure of the robot’s website.

Conclusion: Is it legit?

Despite what the robot claims and to the best of our knowledge, this platform is not legit and as such, we’ll not be recommending it to anyone due to the red flags raised throughout this review. So, for now, it’s 1-star from us:

And if they eventually reopen, make you watch out for our updated review as we’ll be conducting rigorous tests on it to give you a clearer picture of what to expect from it.
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