Thousands of people are swindled every day through forex con games. The forex EA space has seen a surge in fraud to the point that most traders are on the verge of giving up on the amazing auto trading tech. So, is there any legit expert advisor out there? Could Maxturbo be one of the good ones? In this Maxturbo EA review, we’ll tell you every detail we unearthed regarding this tool and whether or not you should invest in it.

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What is Maxturbo EA?

This is one of the few expert advisors that hit the markets in 2019. Maxturbo runs on MT4 platforms and engages in potentially profitable trades on behalf of its users.

While there’s very little that differentiates this trader from the rest, it fancies itself as one of the industry’s leading forex innovations, promising to be the most ‘powerful’ of them all. We tried to find their official address, contact information or official website but none was available.

We were meant to understand that during the time that the tool’s website was operational, the only way to contact the robot’s handlers was through a contact form. Therefore, live chats and phone numbers are unheard of here.

Maxturbo EA Review: General Outlook

This software has been hyped around a lot of things. However, as far as we could tell, these are some of its genuine features:

Description: Trading Robot

Price: $299-$450

Trading pairs: EUR/GBP

Trading strategy: Unknown

Timeframe: M15

Maxturbo operates two licenses are shown below:

From the image, very scanty details are provided under each price.

Trading Details

Again, the minimalist approach to information provision applies here too. We fired up the search engine multiple times but came up with nothing in terms of Maxturbo’s trading strategy. The only consistent message from the software’s owners is that they offer ongoing profits to users.

We checked the tool’s’s account and found some trading insights. But on the plus side, the website shows that Maxturbo is a track record verified meaning, the data coming in is verified by the site. However, on the downside, the last time that the robot shared trading data with Myfxbook was in November last year.

According to the 2020 published stats, the robot made about $1400 in profits from an initial balance of $4,429.61. However, the period taken to earn the profit was not indicated. The best trade and worst trade pips were 78.3 and -138.8.


With years of publishing forex trading reviews, my opinion is that most of the info published by Maxturbo is humdrum. We found no tangible evidence indicating that this platform does what it purports to and with no recent data updates, an offline website, and zero user reviews, I’d say this is a no-go-zone at the moment. We’ll constantly keep an eye on this robot and update this review accordingly.