Today we’ll be delving into an automated trading platform that has been generating a lot of buzz regarding its various aspects including built-in features, prices, trading strategies and more. Some have even questioned the robot’s very existence considering its website has been offline for months now. Well, in this FX Flight Pro EA Review, we’ll be answering all your questions and telling you whether or not to invest in this EA.

To begin with:

What is FX Flight Pro?

Developed to automatically trade in any currency market, the robot’s team claims their software is not your usual EA. They say the expert advisor can run on any Meta Trader platform and promises to revolutionize the trading space by roping into the currency market some cutting edge innovations.

According to a past advert by the robot’s team, FX flight Pro claims to be an all-around trading tool that allows traders to ‘invest today and start earning tomorrow.’ While it was only launched in 2019, this EA seems to have rattled up the older market players, with their allegedly “unique forex trading formula”. 

But is there any uniqueness with this tool?

Features Breakdown

Description: FX Robot

Price: $175-$225

Trading strategy: Trend following


Timeframe: H1

Here’s what the respective price tags contain:

FX Flight Pro EA Review: pricing

In a nutshell, that’s pretty much it and from the looks of it, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

FX Flight Pro EA Review: Trading Analysis

FX flight Pro was launched in 2019 and the only trading data that is available for analysis is on ForexPeaceArmy. But even that info was last updated in 2020, leaving out months worth of analysis data.

The site shows the robot’s performance tests over a couple of weeks. One of the marked insights is the weekly profits as at that time, showing a 2.25% rise tested over 25.4 weeks. 

FX Flight Pro EA Review: performance

Clearly, this team isn’t doing enough to furnish the public with trading insights to help them decide whether or not their strategy works. Speaking of strategies, just like their trading info, the FX Flight Pro team doesn’t speak much about their trend-following technique.


With no real methodologies and trading data, we will not be recommending this EA. It poses a far greater risk than learning the vice and trading on your own. And then, of course, there is that tiny detail about us not being able to contact them for comments because, by the time we published this review, the website was still offline. So, to answer the big question: NO, you shouldn’t invest in FX Flight Pro due to the stated reasons.