Forex Real Profit EA has been operational for more than a decade. According to the site, the robot aims to help traders navigate the complex forex market with their software, created by qualified people with PHDs, MBAs, and all the toys they can buy. Throughout this article, we will perform an EA Review of Forex Real Profit, its trading strategies, stats, user reviews, and sales page to determine how reliable the robot is.

What is Forex Real Profit EA?

Forex Real Profit EA is an automated scalping robot that promises long-term profit at low risk. The bot uses technical indicators to read the market’s direction and choose the correct strategy to use to get the maximum reward. We have no idea who the creators of this bot are or where their headquarters are located.

The bot’s pricing is a little bit different. Instead of a one-time payment, you have to pay $199 yearly to gain Forex Real Profit EA access. The creators reserve the right to change this price depending on the bot’s demand. You can trade on two currency pairs, EURUSD and GBPUSD. There’s no deposit price set, but you have to start with a $1000 account. You can also trade on a micro account.

When you pay the yearly payment, the creators promise you safe and consistent profits, long-term gains, continuous updates and upgrades, customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee using.

Forex Real Profit EA: Review

The Robot is MT4 compatible and can work with any brokers, including ECN. It works under M15 and uses six different strategies to get you profitable results, including two scalping Asian sessions, one scalping on-trend, and three breakout strategies.

Forex Real Profit uses dynamic stop loss and take profit to protect your investment from going down past set limits. The bot automatically adjusts your lot sizes according to market conditions. The EA doesn’t use Martingale, recovery mode or grid to trade, which is a plus because these can be dangerous for amateur traders. The bot can trade 4 to 5 digits after the decimal point.

Stats and User Reviews

We started by checking the bot’s website, and it’s phenomenal. There is a page for each thought process, and their data is presented in a very professional manner. The site contains several backtests and Myfxbook accounts, although the last time they updated their Myfxbook stats was in 2015. We will provide these for you, but they can’t be used to determine the EAs performance today.

The backtest uses the M15 timeframe on a $500 initial deposit, using a 99.90% modelling quality. The maximum drawdown expected is 6.76%, with a 1.35% profit factor, which is on the lower side but considering it’s for a long-term profit, it’s not that bad.

As for the bot’s account on Myfxbook, the site shows that even the data presented at that time wasn’t verified. Their gain ranged from +432.33% from inception with 0.06% daily gains. The drawdown was at 9.47%, which is as low as they advertised. 

The bot earned four stars on Sitejabber.

Final Thoughts

Asian scalpers can be expensive to run, which is why people fear them. The bot hasn’t been stable, and the stats show this with massive spikes and pitfalls, especially in the drawdowns. But it shows profit which means it works. Forex trading has its risks, and we recommend trying Forex Real Profit EA.