Eklatant Forex Robot – what is it and should you even bother checking it out? We’ll be answering these and a host of other important questions in this Eklatant Forex Robot review. In case you’re new here and are looking to invest in a forex trading robot, make sure you check out our other reviews here.

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What is Eklatant Forex Robot?

Eklatant is a fully automated forex trading software said to be using advanced detection systems to identify specific profit breakout points and capitalize on them without having you undergo a “nerve-racking experience.” 

According to its handlers, the robot helps you generate profits without the possibility of making any losses. Quite interesting, right?

They further purport that Eklatant Forex makes use of Fibonacci levels thereby setting “laser-accurate and dynamic trades, for a profitability that you won’t believe!” Well, that’s according to the EA’s ForexPeaceArmy account.

Eklatant Forex Review: Features

Description: Forex EA

Price: $179-$499

Timeframe: M5

Trading strategy: Fibonacci

Trading currencies: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY

The respective packages and prices are as follows:

Trading Aspect

We traced one of the platform’s trading accounts to FX Blue. Records on the site suggest that the robot had traded for about 304 days with an average monthly return of 22.20%. 

We also learnt that the software trades as frequent as 10 times daily. The average loss of the robot at the time stood at -17.22 while average wins were +20.27, this is according to its FX Blue account information.

Eklatant’s risk/reward ratio is 1.84 and its average trade length is about 26 hours. From the looks of it, this robot could be a scalper with an average of about 5 pips and 7 pips per win and loss respectively. Subsequently, you might want to trade on a brokerage with a low spread to effectively use this tool.


The sampled data relates to two years ago, so it might not be suitable for gauging the robot’s current operations. In addition, their website is also currently offline, so we couldn’t find an audience with its owners or developers. We also came across some worry-some reviews of the platform on ForexPeaceArmy, take a look below:

The feedback can’t be ignored and if you asked, I’d say you keep off this tool for now until they probably address the above issues and relaunch their website.

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