“What if starting today you could run an automated system on your Forex trading account with absolute certainty that you will win over 95.4% of the trades…Without having to lift a finger…?”These are the Vortex Trader Pro‘s creator’s words on his website.

The “hype man” is a man of many words, evidenced by his website’s wordy sales pitch. Throughout this article, we review Vortex Trader Pro’s claims, trading techniques, stats, and trader reactions on review sites.

What is Vortex Trader Pro?

Vortex Trader Pro is a Forex EA that has been in the market for around a decade. As the EA’s website states, the bot was owned and created by Doug Price, a self-proclaimed professional money manager experienced in forex strategy creation. His account has been able to win 189 trades out of 200 in just over two years. Vortex Trader Pro is fully automated, and you won’t need to spend the whole day watching the robot work or making trading decisions.

The developer states that he only supports serious traders. He isn’t worried about too many people using his robot because it would still profit his traders. Therefore when there is an influx of traders using his bot, he either increases the package’s price or discontinues the product to control who uses the site.


To get the software, you pay for a “Lifetime Membership.” The lifetime membership grants you access to a lifetime license for the Vortex Trader pro, an easy to install software with free access to any modifications, and new pairs introduced to the bot. The creator also guarantees 24/7 support via email or Skype, and because of his expertise, he gives you expert recommendations on how to start your trading journey.

The entire lifetime package costs a whopping $799, which you can either pay once or in three, equal $347 installments. The creator also promises a 60-day money-back guarantee if the bot doesn’t work for you. The $347 installments were put up for those who weren’t sure about the trader, but isn’t that price a little too high for a training period?

EA Review: Vortex Trader Pro Features

The site’s creator promises a 95.4% profit rate on the bot’s site, which we will analyze. The bot is compatible with any broker compatible with MT4. There is mention of safe trading fundamentals to protect and increase your funds through a money management system and trade management systems. These are unverified.

Vortex PRO doesn’t use the martingale or the grid/scalping technique. It uses trend analysis, candlestick patterns, and various indicators such as CCI, moving averages, and WPR to gain the 95.4 % profit with absolute certainty.

Vortex Trader systems include:

  • Auto trade management
  • Money management
  • Profit protection
  • False signal bypass system

We reviewed the trader’s behavior and realized that the robot didn’t let profitable trades run long. Losing trades lasted longer to wait for them to pick up. According to our analysis, the robot cuts off winning trades way before they mature fully. The robot uses the take profit and stop-loss technique to ensure that traders don’t undergo overwhelming losses.  

EA Review: Vortex Trader Pro Community Trust

The site isn’t professional; there’s a substantial amount of self-praise and unverifiable claims all through. The creator promises 1400% profit without historical data or future projections. There seems to be a lot of panic-inducing statements on the site to drive sales.

The developer has provided us with a link to one of his robot’s former accounts. The account was opened in April 2013 and closed in 2017. The initial deposit for this account was $3,495.00, which grew to $62,258.19. This translates to a 2131.88% total gain. The account used to gain 0.11% daily at a 27.67% drawdown. The drawdown is slightly above the recommended 25% range but not too much as to cause too much damage.

Out of 474 trades, the robot could win 423, which shows just how accurate it is. The account’s monthly gain started going south in January 2017, where the robot reported a -2.69% gain. It, however, recovered in February the same year, which may have prompted the trader to withdraw.

The last time they provided information to Myfxbook was in 2017, and we wonder why. There are four years between then and now. There are no backtests on the site, so we can’t study their historical data either.

When we checked the user reviews, we found a mixture of highly positive and highly negative reviews, indicating instability in performance. These reviews are concentrated to 2015 and then no more after. Did people stop using the trader after that?

Final Thoughts

The bot’s website is poorly thought out, and the descriptions are wordy, with no factual content. There are so many promises which make the robot sound like a get-rich-quick scheme. Those never end well for clients. The developer seems to like taking advantage of financially vulnerable people by inducing panic to make rash decisions.

The package’s price is astronomical, and the creator contradicts himself by encouraging and discouraging beginners from using the site. He wants serious people to trade, has no problem with many people using his robot, and then limits traders by removing the robot from the market when users increase. He also claims to increase the price whenever his projected users become many. This gives the developer autonomy just to increase purchase prices on a whim.

The site seems to have started a downward trend since 2015 and never resurfaced. Vortex Trader Pro’s Myfxbook account isn’t monitored anymore, which doesn’t give an accurate picture of how the robot is performing in 2021. Were its trading mechanisms phased out after 2015? Our advice to you is to look for other verified robots to use, and if you must use this robot in particular, proceed with caution.