The concept behind Trader’s Sun was that the forex bot is inclusive for both amateur traders and seasoned ones. According to the website, the bot performs market analysis using a specific algorithm that tells a market trend’s direction and behavior to ensure it finds the most profitable way forward. Throughout this article, we will perform an EA review on Trader’s Sun to understand how it works, its user statistics, sales page, and trader reactions upon using the bot.

What is Trader’s Sun?

Trader’s Sun is a fully automated forex box, both compatible with Meta Trader 4 and 5. The bot supports different currency pairs, including EURUSD, USDJPY, EURCHF, AUDCAD, USDCAD, and is scored highly on Forex Store, a third-party site that displays and sells these EAs. The newer version of this software has been on the market since 2019.

We have no idea who the creators of this forex bot are, and we can’t determine its location. Trader Sun has one package to purchase, which costs $269 to get you access to a lifetime license, MT4 and MT5 version free updates, and friendly trader support anytime you need it. When you buy Trader’s Sun along with Trader’s Moon together as one package, you receive both bots at $405.

EA Review: Trader’s Sun

The bot incorporates neural networks and deepening to analyze support and resistance levels and works for an average of four hours to ensure that your trades end in profit. This technique isn’t explicitly stated on the bot’s site, but the talk of the neural networks causes us to agree on this technique. The forex bot doesn’t run on Martingale, doesn’t use hedging for their profit, and no averaging. Because the robot doesn’t use these dangerous trading strategies, it makes it low risk. The average profit/loss is around 33 pips.

Trader’s Sun prides itself on being easy to install and use. There are three modes to choose from, including the safe, average, and aggressive modes to trade. Safe mode has a 1:1 that is the perfect solution for newer trades, and you will have to use $200 for the 0.01 lot. The average mode reduces your risk and requires $100 for a 0.1 lot. The aggressive mode has a 25% risk factor, and to use this mode, you have to provide the bot with $50.

EA Review: Trader’s Sun Stats and Trader Reactions

Finding Trader Sun’s is a pain because it’s associated with different people. We first reviewed the FX TraderKit website that hosts both the Trader’s Sun and Trader’s Moon bots. The user interface is excellent even though all information they provide is so vague and unhelpful. Instead of describing its technique, they have put us into a game of omission. So they don’t use Martingale, hedging, or the averaging technique; what does it use?

Trader’s Sun’s Backtesting

The creators provided us with two backtests that run on the 99.90% modeling quality under an H1 timeframe. We will focus on the EURUSD pair that run between 2010 and 2019. It begins in 2010 with an initial deposit of €200, which grew a gross profit of €19681726.71.

The maximal drawdown was 16.68%, but the highest drawdown that this backtest witnessed is 43.46%. The net profit totaled €6496991.38. Trader’s Sun’s spread varied, but out of 2881 trades, the robot won 1433 short and 1448 long positions. During the backtest, there were 36 consecutive wins and three consecutive losses.

On reviewing the backtest, we notice that the gross profit was slashed by a lot which could be attributed to the 43% drawdown. We liked their use of the 99.90% modeling quality because that increased the backtest’s accuracy. The profit factor stood at 1.49, which is below our preferred two and above level. This is also most likely due to the high drawdown.

Trader’s Sun on Myfxbook

Trader Sun has offered us stats from a real account with its track record and trading privileges verified. This account begins with an $898.00 deposit in Mar 2016, which has since grown to $1,418.43 to date. That translates to 346.75% total gains and a $620.43 profit. The drawdown was at 27.82%, which translates to $75.44 in interest. The account grows by 0.08% daily and 2.40% monthly.

Out of 3987 trades, Trader’s Sun won 2967. The average win stands at 8.92 pips / $1.07, while the average loss -18.79 pips / -$2.50. The average trade length is 7hours and 12 minutes. The profit factor is what disappoints the most at 1.24%.

Looking at the monthly analytics, the robot has been struggling, more so in 2021. There are slow rises and falls, which means that the robot isn’t stable at the moment.

We were unable to get any user reviews for this robot on the popular user review sites.

Final Thoughts

The robot seems like an average performer, except for its shaky performance this year, especially with the -3.33 monthly growth in January. The 99.90%modeling quality that Trader’s Sun used was very accurate, and MyFxbook shows a tolerable drawdown percentage.

The developers of this robot vaguely explained its trading strategies. Besides knowing the stores displaying the robot for sale and the franchise it falls under, we have no idea who the robot’s creators are. The profit factor is relatively low even though the stats show a high win rate. Trader’s Sun’s performance is mediocre, especially if you compare it with other robots of the same caliber that have run accounts for five years.

The H1 timeframe that the robot uses is considered short, which means it realizes profits quicker and requires a lot of attention to prevent it from making dangerous decisions. We liked how brief the robot’s sales page is, but we would have done with a lot more information, especially on vital things such as its trading strategy and developers. We like that the robot has shunned away from dangerous strategies such as Martingale, which come as a disadvantage, especially for amateur traders. The robot asks for less deposit, depending on the risk factor. We are on the fence about recommending this robot to you. s