This is an EA Review of the Trade Machine where we analyze the robot’s stats, trading techniques, user reactions, and the robot’s sales page. Is the Trade machine legit? Let’s find out.

What is the Trade Machine?

Trade Machine is termed as an Algo advisor that mostly uses the scalping technique. The robot is one of the EAs that Robomaster hosts, and Robomaster is a project by Euro-Life Group s.r.o, whose address is in Slovakia. This trader supports several currency pairs, including GBPCHF, EURCAD, GBPCAD, AUDNZD, GBPAUD, NZDCAD, and GBPUSD. According to its sales page, the robot is fully automated, which means you don’t have to watch it work 24/7.  It determines the upper and lower limits of quotes and adjusts to the market movement.

You can either purchase the robot as the Full package or the Economy package. The full package will cost you €249 and gives you access to unlimited accounts regardless of device, the trading software, pre-programmed parameters for strategy 1 and 2, a detailed user manual, and unlimited technical support.

The Economy package goes for €199. This will give you access to one account that you can access from only one device at a time, the robot’s software, a detailed user manual, and unlimited technical support.

EA Review: Trade Machine

The Trade Machine is a scalper, which essentially works by trading currencies based on different timeframes. The robot is fully automated. According to its website, the trader is versatile as it uses the best techniques for professional trading. The techniques include smart trailing, news filtering, slippage control, and scalping.

Trade Machine was created to use scalping to analyze the price changes in the Forex market with a 99% accuracy. Its system is very intelligent as it reads the market’s trends and then controls the market.  The robot also uses its news filter to ensure that the size of your investment doesn’t shrink.

Trade machine uses maximum optimization to ensure that it can work for longer and shorter periods, such that you can get profit under any market conditions. The robot creators made software that is easy to understand and use, such that professionals and amateurs alike can use it successfully.

Trade Machine can trade ten currency pairs at once, which diversifies risk and ensures that a trader can still leave a trade on a win no matter the market conditions. It’s a 24/7 trading robot, so traders can specify when the best time to trade is. The stop-loss strategy allows the robot to leave a trade when the market trend isn’t favorable to you.

Stats and User Techniques

We can’t review the robot without checking out its sales page, the page uses many pointers to explain what it does, and we are all for it. The site is visually appealing and informational.

Trade Machine’s creators have provided for us several backtests, but you can’t download them. They also don’t contain any information you can use for analysis, and I am pretty certain they were just made up and placed here for aesthetics. They have also not provided any robot tests either on Myfxbook or FXBlue. We, therefore, have no idea how the robot performs. We couldn’t find the EA’s user reviews on any of the popular review sites.

Final Thoughts

The EA’s sales page creators have gotten some things correct; they’ve explained how the EA works; although I don’t understand the videos Robomaster posts, they don’t add anything useful for either the robot or the users, I hope they don’t usually waste so much time creating them.

The creators, though, forget the most important information, which is proof that the robot works. We have backtests we can’t analyze and no demos or live tests. We can’t recommend this robot unless we see tangible proof.