According to this robot’s sales page, it’s a high-end EA offered at a throw-away price. We perform an EA review of the The Profit Goldeneye, trading techniques, stats, user reviews, and website to figure out whether it’s legit or a scam.

What is The Profit Goldeneye?

The Profit Goldeneye is an automated robot that Element Forex made, a group of seasoned programmers known for creating trading robots. The EA can also be used as a market sessions indicator.

According to the sales page, gaining access to this robot typically costs $347, but for some reason, this price has been slashed to $49. That’s quite a slash and looks very suspicious. Is it that the robot wasn’t so successful, and they had to reduce the price to drum up sales?

Anyway, $49 will give you access to the robot’s software and user manual, a market sessions indicator, unlimited updates and upgrades, being able to install it on unlimited MT4 accounts, and a 7-day money-back guarantee. But why 7? Most creators usually give a 30-60 day money-back guarantee.

You can use this robot to trade binary options, the stock market, trade metals including gold, silver, and copper, and trade commodities.

EA Review: The Profit Goldeneye

The Profit Goldeneye is said to be an accurate trading system that has a robust signal interface. According to its creators, the robot has a mechanism to hide your trade’s progression, therefore, saving from broker manipulation.

You can trade on any timeframe, and the robot is compatible with any trading style. It’s repaint-free and comes with buy/sell arrow signals. What happens is that the robot will give its traders trading signals until a unique “goldeneye sound alert,” which isn’t essential. The robot supports several trading pairs and will provide close to 10 signals a day. Your signals will be fresh and not repainted, and they promise smooth and secure trading.

EA Review: Stats and User Reviews

We start with the sales page. We can see that the website was not done professionally. It looks like they haven’t updated the site in a long time. The next thing is that there are no backtests on this robot. We can’t gauge any historical data; hence we can’t predict whether this is a profitable EA or not.

Goldeneye’s creators have also not provided us with any verified stats from independent analyzers. We have no idea how the demo or the live accounts are performing and can therefore not comment on the robot’s performance. We couldn’t find any user reviews of the robot on any of the popular review sites.

Final Thoughts

This Forex robot has a myriad of red flags, starting with the massive price slash. A robot worth its salt would never give a slash that big, even in the name of customer discounts. And the site says they used proficient programmers for it? How will they make a profit?

We have no stats or backtests to review, even on a demo account. Either the creators are lazy, or this is another get-rich-quick scam. Element Forex has been releasing these robots like candy, and most of them don’t do well. Proceed with caution.