Spectre’s selling point offers simple, high frequency, and low-risk trading, all in a combined cutting edge technology. The forex bot claims to be Shariah Compliant, which would make it a one-of-a-kind trader. Throughout this article, we perform an EA review of Spectre, by studying its stats, trading techniques, and user reviews to ascertain how profitable the AI bot is.

What is SPECTRE?

SPECTRE is an online trading platform that mainly deals with blockchain. Through its platform, traders can trade on currency directions, commodities, and stock. The platform’s name is an acronym for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange and is a registered company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Through this AI bot, traders can trade between significant currencies, EPICs, reverse futures, and any other asset class out there.

To trade using SPECTRE, you don’t need to put up a deposit, but the bot can accept deposits ranging from $10 upwards. You can use any of the two accounts for this robot: a wallet account and a standard account.  You don’t need to deposit anything where you transact directly from your crypto wallet with a wallet account. The regular account is what requires the 10 dollars one.

Instead of starting with live trading, you can familiarize yourself with the trading bot using a demo account for risk-free trading. The bot can help you earn at least 73% ROI.

EA Review: How Does SPECTRE Work?

SPECTRE offers a bit of flexibility when trading. Traders can make short trades where they get to close trades quickly to see their trading results frequently. Here you can choose different timeframes, including M15, M30, and H1.

With this robot, you can also place time limits on trades, and you can say that you want trades between 12-24 hours. This can last somewhere between half a day, and I am the fool. You can also predefine a date for a later time. You have incentives such as bonuses that come with every fund deposit.

This is a kind bot in that you can trade using a mobile app, and it even has android support. You access the software using a web browser.  SPECTRE operates under Decentralized Autonomous Liquidity Pool (DALP) which is essentially a fund pool locked in a smart contract that ensures traders can transact at all times.

EA Review: Stats and User Reviews

SPECTRE hasn’t provided us with any backtests, so we can’t analyze its historical data. We also don’t have access to any bot’s live trading accounts, so other than what they have on paper, we can’t analyze its data or ascertain success rate claims.

We, however, have access to numerous positive reviews from the trading community on the forex peace army, and it seems like spectre.ai has become quite popular this year.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty clear that Forex is moving towards AI and that SPECTRE has started before most robot creators do. The good thing about this AI bot is the security features set in place, blocking rogue brokers, and the Shariah compliance increases its market. We, however, have a transparency problem because this bot is being presented to the Asian market without being regulated.

 There is an influx of positive reviews this year, which could either mean that they’ve improved or are buying reviews. The truth will come out eventually.