According to its sales page, this EA uses the logic of Fibo extensions for price fluctuation detection. Today, we perform an EA review of Scalping Station to determine whether it’s legit or not. We will check out its trading methods, stats, sales page, and user reactions. Let’s dive in.

What is Scalping Station?

Scalping Station is a fully automated Forex robot that runs on the MT4 platform. The robot places Fibo levels above and below the expected price and makes strategic deals according to the market’s direction. Scalping Station is both an American and an Asian scalper.

The EA is part of the Robomaster franchise and is owned by Euro-Life Group in Slovakia. You can purchase this robot in any of two ways to get access to its software. Firstly, you can get the full package which costs €299 and gives access to unlimited trading accounts, the trading robot, configuration for two strategies (America and Asia), configuration for a rapid growth strategy, a detailed manual, and technical support.

Secondly, you can purchase the Economy package that costs you €259 for one trading account, the robot’s software, a detailed user manual, customer support, and the configuration strategy for Asia and America.

You can use this robot on any trading platforms, computers, and trading accounts for unlimited trading accounts, given that you have specified the unique trading account name you prefer to use. For members of the economy package, you will use it on only one trading account.

EA Review: Scalping Station

Scalping station uses three different strategies used in other EAs to form one comprehensive robot, so it’s essentially three robots in 1. They call them the American-Asian session, Asian session, and the deposit accelerator.

For price movement, the robot uses Fibonacci extensions. What the robot does is roll back on the resistance levels with about 90% accuracy. It’s also equipped with smart management with three orders whereby the robot divides large-volume trades into three and works on all three separately. This increases the profit exponentially while significantly reducing drawdown.

To protect your investment, the robot uses stop loss to ensure you don’t lose any money past your expected risk. Scalping Station uses slippage control, spread filters, a smart trading algorithm, and trend filters to ensure it makes you profit at any cost.

Stats and User Reactions

We start with the sales page, and it’s well done. As is the norm for these franchises, the template used to create the page for one EA is usually replicated for the rest. It’s professional and offers enough information on the robot.

The creators of this robot have created zipped files to show the robot’s backtest on all currencies it supports. We will focus on the first set of backtests that covers the American-Asian sessions. This backtest covers nine trade assets on the M5 timeframe, a $1000 initial deposit from 2010-2020. Its average monthly return was 15-30%. The expected payoff for those years was $97 113 372.

The AUDCAD shows a 4.69% drawdown, 7048 trades, and a 1.62 profit factor. This is all done using a 90% modeling quality, which is great but won’t give us enough accuracy levels. We usually prefer a 99.90% modeling quality. 

We haven’t seen any actual live tests for this robot, so we can’t really speak to its profitability or legitimacy. There are also, unfortunately, no user reviews of this robot.

Final Thoughts

This robot meets most of the legit EA requirements except for the most important one, which is proof. The creators should have at least shown us how a real live account performs using the robot or, in the very least, a demo account.

The lack of user reviews makes it even worse because then what do we rely on to prove that the robot works? We don’t recommend this robot.