Today, we perform an EA Review of the Rocket Bot. This robot was created for portfolio trading. According to its sales page, the robot is known to diversify risks, reduce the drawdown and increase profit. We analyse the robot’s trading techniques, stats, sales page and user reactions to determine whether it’s legit and profitable.

What is Rocket Bot?

Rocket Bot is a fully automated forex expert advisor that works on 12 engines for trading. It is part of Robomaster’s EAs, a project by Euro-life Group s.r.o in Slovakia. Rocket Bot runs on the Metatrader 4 platform and works with 12 currency pairs simultaneously.

There are two packages that you can choose to buy this robot. Firstly, the full package comes with the robot, unlimited accounts, two pre-set strategies, a detailed manual and technical support at €229. With these unlimited trading accounts, you can use them on any platforms, computers and accounts with no limitations. You will have a specific account name that will get you access to these.

Secondly, the Economy package goes for €179. It gives you access to the robot, access to only one account, a pre-programmed strategy, a detailed manual and unlimited technical support.

EA Review: Rocket Bot

Rocket Bot combines several features to perform portfolio trading. Portfolio trading essentially diversifies a trader’s investment strategy. The robot is programmed to use relatively safe money management methods such as stop-loss. It otherwise shies from well-known dangerous ones like Martingale, Hedging and Grid. 

This trading robot works tirelessly every day to ensure you get and keep stable profits. It’s suitable for both professional and amateur traders because of its simple user interface. Rocket Bot works on two strategies consecutively, which spreads your risk, increasing your chances of profiting from a trade.

The trader claims to be compatible with other traders and supplement any other bots you have therefore expanding your portfolio. It does market analysis and trades towards the market’s direction. It doesn’t do reverse trading, which is why you can get up to 50% profits with the robot.

Stats and User reviews

We start with the robot’s sales page. Right from the beginning, you can tell that it was professionally done. The robot’s trading strategies have been adequately explained, and the backtests are available. Although we have no idea who the robot’s creators are, at least we know the company that hosts it and its location.

The sales page displays several backtests on their sales page to showcase how the robot would have performed in the ten years with the twelve currency pairs it uses. We’ll focus on the EUR/USD pair, which uses a 90% modelling quality to backtest the robot, an initial deposit of $1000 and a 7.25% drawdown. Within the ten-year timeframe, the total net profit was $16185.19. The robot was able to win 91.90% of the trades during the backtest.

The creators haven’t posted any real live tests from any independent sites, and there are no user reviews of this robot available on the popular user review sites.

Final Thoughts

We have made sure to present to you extensive facts related to this robot to ensure you make the right decision. The robot sounds like a great idea on paper, but they have no evidence of either a real or demo account for us to analyse. The robot costs a little too much to take that risk. The $200 you would use to purchase Rocket Bot, is the minimum deposit you require to begin trading using a more successful robot. Proceed with caution.