According to Ninja Scalper’s website, the robot has been in the market for over two years. It has been able to amass 400 satisfied buyers with consistent profit such that they got 5-star ratings from all of them on their Telegram account. We perform an EA review of Ninja Scalper to determine how legit this robot is. Throughout the article, we analyze the robot’s trading techniques, stats, website, and user reviews to understand precisely how the robot works.

What is Ninja Scalper?

Ninja Scalper is an automated, FIFO-compliant Trade Trend Indicator that runs on the MT4 platform. The robot works with the EUR/USD currency pair. We didn’t get information on who the EA’s developers are. The location from where they run the robot is also not available.

 The scalper works on an M5 timeframe and uses statistical analysis to determine the optimal entry points for trades. The bot boasts 20-year backtests that will help traders study the historical performance of the robot.

You can gain access to the robot in one of four ways. For full lifetime access, you pay $149. This is what the sales page calls the Wow Package. The Wow Package gives you  a license with no expiry. You will also get access to free unlimited updates, and customer support. You can use the robot on a maximum of 10 computers consecutively, and you get access to the company’s Telegram group.

With $100, you can get the Huge Package which grants you access to the robot for about six months. Upon purchase, you have access to a six-month license, six months of customer support, and use of the bot on one computer.

The Popular Package costs $50 and gives you the license, one update, and customer support for three months. With $30, you get the Basic Package, which grants you access to the license to use the software on one computer lasts 30-days. You won’t get any upgrades.

There are some really expensive robots in the market today, but the Ninja Scalper takes the cake in being cheap. The problem with being that affordable is that we start to wonder if the robot is of good quality. What are the developers profiting from? Is this sustainable?

Some of Ninja Scalper’s features include:

  • A maximum allowed drawdown on all open orders for risk management
  • Dedicated user support on Whatsapp or email
  • You can choose between three operating modes, including conservative, standard and aggressive.
  • You can either adjust your lot size automatically or manually
  • Automatic currency detection.
  • Ninja Scalper is FIFO compliant, a technique used by USA brokers
  • The commission’s recovery prevents you from getting a loss in case your broker charges exorbitant commissions.

EA Review: How Ninja Scalper Works

Ninja Scalper describes its trading technique in detail on the website. The robot uses trend indicators such as the MACD indicator in conjunction with other trend indicators to ensure that traders join and exit a trade at the opportune time for profit. This method is essentially a tried and tested statistical analysis methods that the Ninja Scalper applies to the EURUSD currency pair. The robot works best with cents accounts and a minimum 1:300 leverage.

The forex robot also adds grid trading as a secondary technique for market analysis, ensuring an almost fool-proof strategy. Traders have to choose between three modes: the Standard, Conservative, and Aggressive modes, depending on how much risk they want to take while trading.

EA Review: Ninja Scalper’s Stats and Community Trust

We first review their website, and what they’ve done is cluttered at best. There is no flow of ideas which makes us conclude that an amateur created it. Clients have to move back and forth between pages that could have easily been consolidated into one.

All historical data is available once you purchase the robot. However, they haven’t supplied the information on their website. The data provided to Myfxbook are from Demo accounts and range from April 17th, 2021 to April 30th, 2021, which isn’t enough time to gauge a bot’s performance.

 Most of the vital information to this demo test is locked, and all we know is that it was run on 1:500 leverage using the MT4 platform. The account gained 0.56% gains overall, which is a bit on the downside. The average trade length for this account is 3hours and 7 minutes.

The robot entered 22 trades during the two weeks. The robot won 50% of the long trades and 50% of the short trades, which essentially translates to a game of chance. The profit factor stands at 2.30, which considering the price of the robot, is fair.

The demo account shows a minimal percentage drawdown at 0.64%, which is so low it looks unrealistic and cooked.

Other than the reviews they’ve provided on their site, there are no reviews on any popular user review sites. The reviews they offered are mostly positive and look to be from their Telegram group.

Final Thoughts

Any Forex robot site we have met that starts by tooting its own horn ends up disappointing us. That goes for the Ninja Scalper as well. Even with the demo accounts, where most forex bots shine, this EA remains dull.

 Imagine how a real live account would look like. The robot’s stats on Myfxbook have been so redacted that it’s missing vital information that allows us to know its working mechanism. The developers also claim to have been in the market for two decades but don’t seem to have actual live demo stats. What have they been doing all those years?

The robot’s transparency levels are so low, and it seems that most of the information, even the basics have to be collected from multiple sources and joined like a puzzle. This, to us,  indicates that you could be scammed if not careful. The robot’s customer support team use unstable reporting methods such as Whatsapp, Telegram and Email. These accounts are easy to open and close. We don’t recommend trading with this robot.