Forex Gold Investor claims to be a “proven sure bet investment” for special metal traders, especially Gold. We want to know what that entails. We perform an EA review of the Forex Gold Investor for clues on how this bot works, stats, and user reviews to figure out whether this is another scam or not.

What is Forex Gold Investor?

Forex Gold Investor is an automated trading robot that is part of the FXAutomater franchise. It was designed to be suitable for experienced and inexperienced users and promises to produce superior results daily.

The bot is compatible with MT4 and is the most advanced EA FXAutomater ever made. The site seems to be convincing people to invest using Gold because it shields traders against market downturns.

The creators of Forex Gold Investor expect traders to trust their bot with precious metal trade, but they can’t trust them with their name, location, and license information. The company also doesn’t have a contact center, and communication is through the web form on the most bottom part of the web page.

The Forex Gold Investor comes as one package you can purchase. With this package, you get one actual account, demo accounts, the unique broker spy module, advanced news filter, and a 60-day Unconditional money-back guarantee at around 200USD-300USD depending on the discount in effect at the time you purchase it.

Once you purchase the package, you will receive the bot, a quick start guide, quick response customer support, the “vault” money management system, algorithmic trading, and lifetime updates.

What sets Forex Gold Investor Unique?

The robot comes fully equipped with a Broker Spy Module, giving traders vital information about their trading history. This module displays average slippage, total slippage, how much time on average it takes to execute a trade, the number of traders, and errors.

There are specific times during the day that are perfect for trading gold. Forex Gold Investor’s developers recognized this and hard-coded ways of analyzing when the opportune time increases traders’ profit. The robot considers the most suitable trading scenarios, including the “buy on deep” and “buy on strong” impulses to take advantage of profitable trades.

The smart management system with highly adaptable algorithms to ensure every trader’s investments are protected. The versatile algorithms cover take profit and stop loss.

Aside from the impressive 5-minute installation, you can set the parameters you desire for your robot, and the settings will pick up with no need for modifications.

EA Review: Forex Gold Investor

Despite being creators of numerous EAs, FXAutomater doesn’t look like it will stop soon. This bot covers a particular version of trading with precious metals, finding the opportune time to buy and sell Gold. It trades using the XAUUSD currency pair.

The creators seem to think that the more frequently you trade, the more you earn. They couple this technique with take profit and stop loss, reducing drawdowns. The bot comes complete with a broker spy module to protect you from malicious brokers.

The site mentions its algorithmic trading, which helps you trade passively. You set your preferences, and the bot does the rest. The in-built advanced news filter will help you make fast decisions in the news that will affect your investment. The bot uses the M15 timeframe.

EA Review: Stats and Community Trust

We start by reviewing the robot’s sales page, which anyone can tell was created by a professional web developer. The robot goes step by step to explain how the software works and provides images and graphs to make the information digestible.

Forex Gold Investor’s backtest

Forex Gold Investor provides us with several backtests, with historical data dating back 14 years. The XAUUSD pair backtest works on the M15 timeframe and was set on the 90% modeling quality. The test ran from 2004 to 2017, which isn’t quite the 18 years in historical data that they keep advertising. The test begins with a $2000 initial deposit which then makes a net profit of $57205.11. The profit factor stands at 1.90, which is relatively low. The profit factor may have been lowered by the 66.50 drawdown, which shows the robot made many losses over the year. The $120470 gross profit to $57205 net profit transformation tells it all, the interest was too high for this account, and that’s just the backtest.

Forex Gold Investor on Myfxbook

The live data from a demo account shows an upward trend in growth, with gains of up to +982.62%, which is quite unbelievable. Good thing the data shared on Myfxbook is verified. With deposits of $290, the bot’s demo account has been able to gain profits of up to $6232.13. This is a three-year growth with a 623.21% total gain and a 17.55% drawdown. The account gains 0.20% every day. The robot has so far been able to win 65% of the 782 trades it has participated in.

Analyzing the monthly analytics tells an accurate picture. The robot fluctuates from a few exponential growths that are months apart and then meager wins of about less than 1%. A month of losses follows the pitfalls, which then picks back up again with small wins.

The site hasn’t shared data from a real live account. We scoured the Internet and were unable to find any user reviews on this product.

Final Thoughts

We have provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. This bot looks promising, but everything looks good on paper. How the trading bot works is still a mystery together with its creators.

 Professional forex developers created the bot, but it seems unlicensed and only provided us with data from demos and not live accounts. The time between the launch date and today is too long not to have stats from a real account. The robot, for some reason, has no user reviews, and it’s impossible to make purchase decisions without historical data, user reviews, or actual account stats.

I would hold off on investing in this robot until I am assured of its transparency and performance track record.