Forex Gold Investor claims to be a “proven sure bet investment” for special metal traders, especially Gold. We want to know what that entails. Is Forex Gold Investor legit? We perform an EA review to look for clues on how this bot works, stats, and user reviews.

What is Forex Gold Investor?

Forex Gold Investor is an automated trading robot that is part of the FXAutomater franchise. It was designed to be suitable for experienced and inexperienced users and promises to produce superior results daily.

The bot is compatible with MT4 and is the most advanced EA FXAutomater ever made. The site seems to be convincing people to invest using Gold because it shields traders against market downturns.

The creators of Forex Gold Investor expect traders to trust their bot with precious metal trade, but they can’t trust them with their name, location, and license information. The company also doesn’t have a contact center, and communication is through the web form on the most bottom part of the web page.

The Forex Gold Investor comes as one package you can purchase. With this package, you get one actual account, demo accounts, the unique broker spy module, advanced news filter, and a 60-day Unconditional money-back guarantee at around 200USD-300USD depending on the discount in effect at the time you purchase it.

Once you purchase the package, you will receive the bot, a quick start guide, a quick response, a money management system, algorithmic trading, and lifetime updates.

EA Review: Forex Gold Investor

Despite being creators of numerous EAs, FXAutomater doesn’t look like it will stop soon. This bot covers a special version of trading with precious metals, finding the opportune time to buy and sell Gold. It trades using the XAUUSD currency pair.

The creators seem to think that the more frequently you trade, the more you earn. They couple this technique with take profit and stop loss, reducing drawdowns. The bot comes complete with a broker spy module to protect you from malicious brokers.

The site mentions its algorithmic trading, which helps you trade passively. You set your preferences, and the bot does the rest. The in-built advanced news filter will help you make fast decisions in the news that will affect your investment. The bot uses the M15 timeframe.

EA Review: Community Trust

Forex Gold Investor provides us with several backtests, with historical data dating back 14 years.

The live data from a demo account shows an upward trend in growth, with gains of up to +982.62%, which is quite unbelievable. Good thing the data shared on Myfxbook is verified. With deposits of $290, the bot has been able to gain profits of up to $2849.79. The site hasn’t shared data from a real live account. We scoured the Internet and were unable to find any user reviews on this product

Final Thoughts

We have provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. This bot looks promising, but everything looks good on paper. How the trading bot works is still a mystery together with its creators. The bot seems unlicensed and only provided us with data from demos and not live accounts. Proceed with caution. 

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ForexBot is great

Highly recommend for all of you who are looking for ForexBot.

Is Forex Gold Investor Legit

This software works amazingly in all conditions. I’m so confident that this system offers you the ability to make more profit than ever before. [...]

Is Forex Gold Investor Legit

This software works amazingly in all conditions. I’m so confident that this system offers you the ability to make more profit than ever before. [...]

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