EA Review: Is 8topuz Too Good to be True?

According to its website, 8topuz will help traders, even those with no experience trading, passively grow their wealth. The AI is supposedly able to do everything while traders sit down and relax. Isn’t that the dream? Throughout this article, we will perform an EA review about what the AI bot is all about, its features, packages, how it works, and finally review whether the forex bot is too good to be true.

What is 8topuz?

8topuz is a fully automated Digital Fintech Software that originates in Cyprus. The company has an office in the US and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. According to the site, the EA can adapt to the forex market through its multi-layered trading software system. The developers of this robot believe that their robot is the first of many AI-Based, automated robots.

The bot is compatible with MT4, which is capable of automated trading. 8topuz has three packages that help you gain depending on your risk level. The first package, named Lifestyle, costs $500+. According to the site, the package is excellent for traders who want alternative investment solutions focused on risk management.

The Lifestyle package features an average ROI of 1.6% monthly. With this package, you get to set up the AI bot free of charge, the setup will be done by 8topuz, and you can withdraw your funds without restrictions.

The Second Package is Aspire and requires a $10000 deposit and a 30% performance fee. The average monthly ROI for this package is 2-3%. You can set up your selected broker on this package. The site states that this is very popular with individual traders.

The third is the dynamic package, where you have to deposit $100000 to qualify. This package is popular with group investors and is yet to enter the market. Some proposed features of this package include the ability to get a professional vehicle with an ISIN code.

8Topuz’s website has an ROI calculator that can calculate the ROI of your investment based on your initial investment amount, monthly contributions, the amount of time you’re looking to invest, and whether you want to calculate the monthly average or based on past investments. The software developers advise their users that the best way to gain is to set lower drawdowns such that their assets can grow safely over a more extended period.

This Platform’s main features include:

  • Enhanced security
  • Trade from anywhere with the mobile app
  • Ability to link the bot with different trading accounts

EA Review: How 8topuz Works

The AI bot claims to use human experience, combined with algorithmic trading systems, to analyze and learn market trends and make informed decisions on the best trades. AIs can sift through large historical data sets to create patterns, which the creators of 8topuz are taking advantage of.

The forex bot trades on several currency pairs, including the EURUSD, USDJPY, NZDUSD, and XAUUSD. 8topuz offers backtests of up to a decade ago to show that their algorithm works. Backtests alone shouldn’t convince you to invest because these are just estimates and don’t consider significant market swaying events.

The site talks of the bot using a proprietary neural network and AI algorithms. But what does this mean? This site is another case of wordy explanations with no substance. 8topuz requires you to have a trading account, which you can then link to the robot’s virtual server. This linkage allows you to receive market orders into your trading account throughout the day.

EA Review: Stats and Community Reviews

We were able to get stats from 8t0puz via email, and they portray a steady growth. The stats seem to be audited by a third-party site called McMillan. My concern was why there was so much secrecy needed to share stats while EA bots share theirs publicly.

The sales site is quite appealing if we were selling houses. But it seemed too simplistic and zen for forex. The explanations on the site are vague, and we have more questions than answers. We were directed from one page to the next one too many times on the bot’s website. The robot’s stats show an upward trend, with significant growth witnessed in June 2019.

We got a few positive reviews from user sites with most users praising the robot’s customer support team. They however don’t mention how the robot helped them get profits.

Final Thoughts

We still have no idea how the AI bot works, but the developers of this robot have been in the software development sector for more than a decade, making them very experienced in this business. Because businesses have to evolve, it’s impressive that they are branching into newer tech.

This bot contains the priciest packages we have seen so far, so beginners may feel limited. Because there are very few robots that use AI to trade, using that much money to invest can be jarring to some. 8topuz’s primary goal is to develop profitable, customized trading methods for its customers.

The robot’s developers have provided us with backtests, which we, unfortunately, can’t rely so much on. To access the robot’s historical performance, you need to sign up on the website, and they will send you an email with all the information. We could not obtain any live tests for 8topuz, which means we can’t really speak to its profitability.  

A new trading robot like 8Topuz should give us a chance to test their product through demo accounts, but for some reason, this software doesn’t. Trying out new things is fantastic, especially if they are within your price range. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes. There are cheaper robots in the market for amateur traders that can help you start your Forex trading journey.