Inertia Trader is a fully automated forex robot that works on the MetaTrader4. The developers claim to double your forex account worth within months. They dub it a “new investing approach” that can turn your $1,000 to $10,000 over a few months and years.

In this review, we check if this EA has the ability to double your money. We analyze its stats and user reviews. We conclude by advising you whether to invest or stay away from this forex robot.

What is Inertia Trader?

This is a forex robot that is 100% automated. The website state that this robot is a genuine alternative to making money.

This EA works on several principles including:

  • No high-risk methods
  • No binary trading
  • Ability to trade with any broker.
  • Risk-free guarantee


Inertia trader looks to exploit a strategy they call price inertia. This concept focuses primarily on the physical properties of price momentum.

The EA consistently monitors the forex market for sharp price movements. The software then determines if the price inertia is enough to keep the price movement in the prevailing direction or likely to change.

If the price momentum is strong enough, this EA opens orders. To protect your account, the EA uses a hard stop loss, and hard profit take depending on either profit or loss.

According to the website, their take profit is always a third larger compared to the StopLoss. This guarantees a positive risk-reward ratio on every trade. No large StopLoss is used for their trades. They reckon that this strategy gives them an edge in the long run regardless of market conditions.

Additionally, the developers claim that this EA is based on fundamental market principles. They also eliminate the use of historical data, which normally demands regular system optimization.

The website states that this EA avoids high risk trading strategies including:

  • Martingale
  • Position Averaging
  • Grid Trading
  • Arbitrage
  • Hedging
  • Scalping
  • High-Frequency Trading
  • No Long-term Floating Drawdown

Now that we have reviewed the strategies, let’s analyze the result. We also determine if this forex robot is a good choice.

EA Review: Inertia Trader Statistics and User Reviews

The developers have provided backtest results for EURUSD currency pairs spanning over 10 years. Total net profit is shown as $111k from an initial deposit of $1,000. These results were performed over every ticks model with a modeling quality of 99.9%, which we consider reliable.

Backtest Results for Inertia Trader

With backtest results analyzed, we examine results from real money trading accounts. These accounts give a good indication of the real status of an EA.

We found a real account hosted on a forex tool known as Myfxbook. The performance data for this EA are simply awful. The drawdown stands at a jaw-dropping 92.99%. The relative gain is -84%. The EA made a loss of $4,205 from an initial deposit of $5,000.

Myfxbook Results
Myfxbook Results

The month on month chart for 2020 shows similar result. The EA spent most of its time in the negative territory. This EA lost 640 out of 1091 trades representing 59% of the total trades.

Lets see what traders say about this EA. We searched the internet but we could only find a single review from reputable sources. The client seem happy enough, awarding this EA 5 stars.

Traders Review for Inertia Trader
Traders Review for Inertia Trader

Our Verdict: We have seen extremely high drawdown levels from this robot. More so, gains are in the negative territory. However, we found a single positive customer review. Consequently, when weighed against the overall evidence, this customer review seems out of place.


The owners of this EA are offering this at $347. For this price, we reckon there are better forex robots out there.

Is Inertia Trader a good Choice? Our answer is a big NO. The risk of losing your money with this EA is extremely high. We recommend that you avoid it completely. However, we hope that the developers will rectify all the issues.

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