How well does Martingale perform in Forex? Today, we perform an EA review on Happy MartiGrid. We check out the stats that Happy MartiGrid has provided for us, the bot’s features, trading techniques, and user reviews.

What is MartiGrid?

MartiGrid is an automatic, fully automated trading bot that combines the best features in the Martingale and the Grid technique to maximize profit. The EA is part of the Happy Forex franchise, well-versed in creating trader bots just like this one. We have no idea who the specific creators of the bot are or their headquarters.

You have to purchase MartiGrid as a whole along with the 10 EAs of Happy Forex.  There are two packages; one costs €299 and involves the .exe bot file, a user guide and installation manual, two licenses for two real accounts, and unlimited demo access. You will also get free updates and upgrades and a 30-day money-back guarantee. We have a more expensive package that costs €499, which includes all the basic version features and an increase of accounts from two to five.

The license you receive after purchasing the bot covers the first month, and consecutive licenses will be sent to you free of charge for a lifetime. MartiGrid prides itself on being easy to install and use, and it supports ECN brokers.  It’s compatible with Windows 7,8,10, Mac OS, and Linux. You also get a free Happy INDIcators PRO with your purchase. The minimal deposit is $3000/ Cent.

How MartiGrid Works

MartiGrid’s strategy can be highly disastrous when someone is inexperienced because you are essentially gambling with your losses.

How Martingale works is that the bot increases your position size when you lose; therefore, you also make up for the loss the next time you gain profit. In addition to the strategy combo, the forex bot uses technical indicators to know when to place the trade.

MartiGrid also incorporates the take-profit stop-loss technique to increase the chance of securing your deposit and profit. The news filter quickly alerts you when there’s a shift in the news that may affect the sale of forex currencies, which allows you to make trading decisions effectively. The bot is compatible with MT4 and MT5, where there is a 99.90% optimization, and you can trade using micro, mini or standard accounts. Using MartiGrid, you can trade using several currency pairs, including GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and EURUSD.

EA Review: MartiGrid Stats and Trader Reactions

According to the website, the EA requires maximum attention, removing the 100% automatic claim that they put on their bot. We also see backtests from 2008 to 2013 and show a steady rise under a 99.9% modelling quality. The backtest shows a low drawdown and a profit factor of  1.92.

The actual trading results from Myfxbooks show that the data MartiGrid provides is unverified although it’s regularly updated.

There aren’t many user reviews on the bot, and the thoughts we found are from 2011, where the creator seemed to engage with traders.

Final Thoughts

The Martingale/Grid strategy can be a pain, so we would like traders to take caution while trading or choose a beginner-friendly bot. The site’s interface looks very rushed.MartiGrid shows promising results with a low drawdown that makes it look profitable. But check on the lot sizes, and you get the real problem. We still don’t know the creators of the bot, and we have no reviews

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