This robot is meant to be one of the few functioning semi-automatic expert advisors. We are curious to see how it works and its trading performance. We perform an EA review of the Grandmaster Forex Robot by analysing its trading technique, stats, user reviews and website to determine whether it’s legit and, if so, how profitable it is.

What is Grandmaster Forex Robot?

Grandmaster is an EA that works with the MT4 platform. It’s created and owned by A1 Trading Company that is based in Atlanta, USA. Aside from robot creation, its website focuses on trader education, market analysis, broker and MT4 software creation.  The robot isn’t fully automated, and the users are meant to control some aspects of the trading decisions.

Some of these aspects include:

  • The lot size
  • Buying and selling options
  • Grid level distance
  • How many grid levels you prefer
  • Profit targets
  • Optional Maximum stop loss
  • Information panel
  • Slippage
  • News

The robot goes for a $250, one-time price which gives you access to the robot’s software, installation guide, a detailed user guideline, and helpful notes from the developer. Grandmaster only trades with the EUR/USD currency pair. You can contact A1’s customer support team via a form on the website, on Telegram and Instagram as well.

EA Review: Grandmaster Forex Robot

The creator of this robot had a vision of creating one that mimics his view of how banks trade. The robot scales in and out of positions to find reasonable times to enter and exit a trade. Its main trading mechanism is grid trading. Grid trading works by setting orders above and below a price, which creates orders that fluctuate at different levels creating a grid. The robot also has a risk management technique and uses reverse trading.

The sales page doesn’t talk much about the trading technique, so we watched the video, which also didn’t help us much.

Stats and User Reactions

Even though the creators seem to be more focused on training their users, the sales page looks too neglected. The scanty information they offer on the robot’s working mechanism is another problem.

The robot’s sales page doesn’t have backtests, but we have access to its stats on Myfxbook. Myfxbook is an independent site that analyses EAs. The data provided is verified, and we can see a +44.38%  profit with a 31.10% drawdown. The data on how much was deposited or the profit has been locked, and it’s impossible to analyse the data.

We couldn’t find user reviews for this particular robot, but we got some for the A1 trading company. Most of the reviews are positive because of the realistic forex trading outlook that NickTrader has.

Final Thoughts

Despite the informational loopholes that the Grandmaster portrays, users seem to enjoy using A1 trader’s robots. The good thing is that the creators warn you that you will have to monitor your trades to get the profit you desire and that Forex trading isn’t just a rich, quick scheme. We prefer semi-automatic traders because you know exactly what you’re doing and not leaving everything to chance. We recommend this robot.