FXSecret Immortal claims to be a “community of successful traders, who provide the best, automated solutions for trading on a forex market.”  On their website, the EA’s creators say that their long forex trading experience has enabled them to create successful EAs. Today, we perform an EA review of FXSecret Immortal, its trading strategies, stats, and trader reviews to ascertain whether the bot is legit or not.

What is FXSecret Immortal?

FXSecret Immortal is a fully automated forex expert advisor that has been in the market since 2009, although their new trading strategy began in 2012. The robot runs on the H1 timeframe and is compatible with the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

The bot claims to have a strategic working method, using the three systems all combined into one. The systems can automatically calculate the lot sizes and stop losses using the risks that a trader sets on the EA. Surprisingly, FXSecret Immortal hasn’t specified the currency pairs it works with.

What makes FXSecret Immortal tick?

  • The combination of 3 different strategies
  • High profitability
  • Drawdown control
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Ability to change your accounts infinitely
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Aggressive and reliable business modes

When we researched further, we realized that the developers of FXSecret also created FX Stabilizer, FX Charger, and ForexinControl. All these bots are considered successful in the market today. The impressive range of bots has one drawback: they don’t specify who the “super creators” are. We know of them as a “private group of traders.” According to the robot’s sales page, the private group is made up of people with longstanding experience in Financial analysis.

EA Review: FXSecret Immortal Features

FXSecret is open with its traders, stating that their previous technique used logics that worked for a while and, unfortunately, became unsuccessful. We can see a realistic up and down motion of their profit margin until the downturns became less frequent from 2018-2019.

We start seeing an upward trend because of its 3-in-1 strategy that the developers introduced to diversify risk. Although the new approach seems to work now, they haven’t given us any highlights of what these methods are or how the combination works.

The robot requires a one-time purchase of $549, which covers one license for any account and supports MT4 and MT5. You can change the account online whenever you want. The minimum deposit is $700 for aggressive trading and $1400 for reliable trading. The company offers 24/7 support, but the only way to get technical support is through a form on their site. The vendor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The bot uses the stop loss technology, which works with your settings and modifications, and also seems to use the grid/scalping technique. Grid trading allows traders to realize profits even in highly volatile markets. When a robot introduces the take profit and sell order techniques, they are essentially using the grid. When using grid, the robot places different orders above and below the set price, such that the market direction doesn’t deter the trader from winning.

EA Review: FXSecret Immortal Community Trust

We checked their website, and it’s very well done, with their subtopics well thought-out and explained. The site also gives us stats and explains what was going on throughout the company’s growth journey and the downturns. We were impressed with how well the creators’ thought processes flowed throughout the sales page.

FXSecret Immortal hasn’t provided us with backtests, which are usually a crucial part of figuring out the future performance of an EA as it ages. They have, however, provided us with a lot of Myfxbook accounts to analyze. You can begin trading using a demo account as you gain experience to be confident when starting live trading. Using the demo account ensures that you can make risk-free errors and learn what configurations work best with the robot.

We will focus on the performance of the USD cent account. The trader began with a $1863.80 deposit in 2013, which gave them $51674.06 in profit within eight years. This translates to a 9762.96% profit overall. The account’s daily gain stands at 0.16% every day and 4.85% monthly.

 The drawdown for this account is at an absolute high of 65.84%, which could mean that the creators didn’t effect the stop loss technique while creating the robot. The trader has won 57% of the trades so far, which means there have been lean periods between those eight years. 

The low-profit factor, lack of news filtering implies that they have an ineffective money management structure. Imagine the traders that traded between February 2020 and May 2021? That was a period of massive loss. That’s what an effective money management feature prevents. 

The next thing that got our attention was the lack of user reviews on review sites. For a robot that has been in the market since 2012, this is very strange. The developers also ask for $700 and $1400 as the initial deposit, which could turn away amateur traders.

Final Thoughts

The creators seem to care less about making sure their potential clients understand what they’re getting into. We are usually skeptical of forex EAs that have an air of mystery around them. They speak of a combination of three strategies, which they haven’t bothered to highlight or describe. 

The bot has a staircase effect in their stats, which, although it portrays an upward trend, looks quite unsteady. As expensive as it is, the robot has no user reviews on popular review sites, except for one negative review on Forex Peace Army.

The only way to contact the robot’s technical support team is through their sales page. We’d expect more transparency for a robot that goes for $549. Why would anyone want to invest $700 to $1400 on a blind investment? 

There are more robots out there that cost less and offer more stability than FXSecret Immortal does. There is a considerable possibility that purchasing this robot is nothing short of being scammed. We don’t recommend trading with this robot.