Forex Pulse Detector studies market trends for effective trading. According to its sales page, the robot uses mechanisms so universal that it can trade around most currency pairs in Forex because they all behave the same way. Throughout this article, we perform an EA review of Forex Pulse Detector using stats, historical data, website, and user reviews to understand its working mechanisms.

What is Forex Pulse Detector?

Forex Pulse Detector is a trading robot made by Automated Forex Tools, a company that provides forex bots of varying categories. The robot if fully automated, compatible with MT4 and mostly works under the M15 timeframe. To trade effectively, you will need to find an MT4 compatible broker to work with.

Currently you can only use this robot to trade between two currency pairs which include GBPUSD and EURGBP while the developers adapt the bot to more currency pairs. The normal price for this robot is $79, but you may be lucky to get it at a discounted price depending on when you purchase it. With this purchase you will be entitled to the bot’s software compatible with either Windows or MacOS, 24/7 customer support, free updates and upgrades.

EA Review: Forex Pulse Detector

The Forex Pulse Detector can handle up to 1 to 2 trades a day depending on the market volatility. This trend is fully supported by the M15 timeframe, quick trading mechanism. The bot has several indicators that help traders detect sudden market shifts which is quite exhilarating.

Forex Pulse Detector is a hybrid system that combines both manual and automated trading. Manual trades will be supported by the robot. Because the robot trades according to market shifts, we can categorize it as being a scalper/ grid trader. The creators allow a minimum deposit of $1000 to trade with their bot. When you purchase this bot, you are entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t impressed with the bot.

EA Review: Stats and Trader Reactions

Seeing as this robot is part of a franchise, the website is appealing and well thought out. All explanations are available to potential traders and you can even contact customer service. We weren’t able to find user reviews for Forex Pulse Detector on any popular review sites.

The website has provided us access to the bot’s Myfxbook to show trades in real life. The back tests they’ve provided us with shows a 90% modelling quality, which is quite low in this case. Out of the initial $10000, you can trade until you tire.

We chose one account to discuss. The bot used the 1:500 leverage to work. The gain is +14.05% which is very low considering this is online. The drawdown is at 6.59% which is quite impressive.

Final Thoughts

All account examples we found were demo accounts and we have no idea who the creators are. There are also no user reviews on user review sites, which has got us worried. Despite other bots costing an arm and a leg, this bot is just under $100, which is quite affordable. Instead of real accounts, people use fake accounts to play with you. The profit margin is quite high. We recommend trying it and tell me how it goes.