According to FX Automater’s website, Forex Combo is the perfect robot to deliver “accurate, predictable and growing profits.” The system is capable of delivering consistent winning trades. We perform an EA review of the Forex Combo System to ascertain its profitability. We will analyze the bot’s trading techniques, websites, stats, and user reactions to understand how the EA works.

What is Forex Combo System?

Forex Combo System is an automated forex robot that is part of FX Automater’s robots. The EA uses a combination of four strategies to ensure that it multiplies your trading returns. We have no idea of who the FX Automater group consists of or where it’s located.

You can trade between four currency pairs with this bot, including; EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURAUD, and EURCAD. The robot is now availabke with its newest version being v6.1.

Forex Combo System’s software costs between $100 and $200, depending on the promotional discount available. Purchasing this software entitles you to free lifetime updates, emotion-free trading, a comprehensive user guide, 247 user support, access to a private members area, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

EA Review: Forex Combo System

This trading robot uses four strategies combined into one package for optimal profit realization. These techniques include scalping, market corrections, trend detection, and range detection. The scalping technique ensures that trades available to you have a high probability for success and low risk. Trend detection means that the robot follows the marketing trends, and a small variation on the market triggers the indicators.

With market correction, the bot creates larger pip spreads against the market trend to cover any losses incurred. The bot protects your finances through of the stop-loss protection technique, volatile market protection, market scanning, and money management.

The good thing about this robot is that it’s compatible with all brokers. You will get a notification of when you of open and closed trades’ positions, and is compatible with other EAs. It trades from Monday to Friday but will exit on Friday evenings to protect your funds from losses caused by weekend trading.

EA Review: Stats and User Reactions

As is usual for FX Automater’s robots, the website looks professional and aesthetically appealing. We are impressed that the text is short but packed with important information. We were impressed. The historical data they provided is thorough, with several backtests showing the different currency pairs and their expected performance. The backtests work on an M5 time frame, with a 90% modeling quality. The initial deposit, maximal drawdown, and expected profit have also been laid out for us.

Myfxbook shows verified data from the bot, with a 24.42% profit and a low drawdown of 8.08%. The profit is a bit on the lower side, but the drawdown value is phenomenal.

Forex Combo System has earned a 2-star rating on Forex Peace Army from dated reviews, which is quite a disadvantage, seeing as the benefits they offer on paper don’t work.

Final Thoughts

This software sounds great on paper, but the profit margins are very low, even with the impressive drawdown. You are guaranteed a steady profit, though, which can be an advantage for small-time traders. Seeing that it has been in the market for a decade without fail, this is a must-try for traders worldwide.