Fluid Trader has a hype man for their sales page. According to the page, the forex bot has a unique pattern that has beaten the currency exchange trade. The site goes on to promise a multiplication of your investment in just under a year. Today, we verify these claims. We perform an EA review of the Fluid Trader and analyze the bot’s stats, user reviews, methodologies, and sales page.

What is Fluid Trader?

Fluid Trader is a fully automated expert adviser. A team of creators made the adviser, one of whom is a programmer well versed in making this kind of software. That’s the only clue that the website tells us on the owners of this software.

The robot’s software costs a whopping $347 which covers the bot, members access, 24/7 customer support and free updates and upgrades. As a trader, you are also entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. The software also gives you access to a demo and a real account.

EA Review: How Does Fluid Trader Work?

In forex trading, currency pairs don’t have a big variation in behavioral patterns, which the EA takes advantage of. Because the market movement patterns of these currencies are almost the same, the robot can assess the best time to enter a trade or relax. The robot is MT4 compatible, which ensures it enters around 5-10 trades daily to increase a trader’s profit margin.

Traders will have to pick a trading broker before starting to trade. Fluid Trader is compatible with all brokers. There isn’t much information about this simple trading partner or how it works, despite the bot’s website being exceedingly wordy.

EA Features:

  • Market analysis. The bot analyses a currency pattern so that it can know when to start.
  • Enter and exit trades.
  • Take profit and stop loss techniques to prevent loss of your finances
  • Manage lot sizes

Back Tests, Live Accounts and Trader Reactions

To begin the review, we checked out Fluid Trader’s website and weren’t impressed; the website is quite wordy, which can be a bore. The worst thing is that the words don’t even show technique specifics. The stats show the bot’s success rate is around 80%. The backtest shows a demo with a $10000 deposit, on a 90% modeling quality. The expected profit was 2.61 within an M5 timeframe, and we see quite the upward trend in how the graph moves with time.

Myfxbook provided shows that the account was last updated in 2018, which is too long ago to gauge the bot’s current performance. At that time, the drawdown percentage had shot to about 35%. The robot seems to be winning most trades despite the drawdown. The track records have been verified by Myfxbook and were unable to locate any reviews of people that have used this bot before.

Final Thoughts

Although this site’s creators had the right ideas in mind, the lack of transparency of the bot’s methodologies and stats is quite alarming. The $347 annual price tag is very expensive, even with that profit rate. The 35% drawdown, shows that the trades are higher than the recommended 25%. We believe you can find better bots that are even more affordable. We recommend finding an affordable bot you can trade with.