Exynox’s creator guarantees huge profits made easily and quickly using his software. The robot is only suitable for go-getters who want to enjoy profits from the comfort of their couches. These are very bold, yet contradictory statements and we are here to validate them. Throughout this article, we perform an EA review of Exynox Scalper, its trading techniques, stats, features, and user reviews to determine whether it’s legit or not.

What is Exynox Scalper?

According to its sales page, Exynox Scalper is a powerful indicator that signals you when to enter and exit your trades. The robot was created by a man named Karl Dittman. It runs on MT4 and works on M1 to M30 timeframes. Its creator claims that the forex robot can trade on all currency pairs.

Exynox costs between $147 and $400, and you can trade on three different modes using the same price point. You can trade using conservative, medium, or aggressive modes depending on your preferred risk level. You also get access to one real and one demo account.

There is a Custom mode, which allows for setting manual parameters. This is a great choice for professional and not amateur traders. The minimum deposit allowed to use the robot is $100, but they recommend deposits of $250 and above.

Features of the Exynox Scalper include:

  • Effective trading algorithm
  • User-friendly visual interface
  • Minimal time investment
  • Highly accurate profit signals
  • Smart trade entry and exit
  • Market trend indicators
  • Multiple trade styles
  • All major currency support
  • The signals don’t fluctuate as your trade

Exynox’s site promises a 60-day money-back guarantee if the robot doesn’t please you. With this purchase, you also get lifetime support, free lifetime updates, and a beginner-friendly user guide.

EA Review: Exynox Scalper Working Mechanism

Karl hasn’t offered us much insight into his robot’s trading technique. It’s clear that they want to attract beginner buyers, but several search engines can help amateurs understand trading jargon. The total lack of information exchange is quite suspicious. What we can deduce from his sales spiel on the robot’s website is that the bot has set parameters that enable it to detect the market trend direction which allows traders to enter and exit trades when it’s profitable for them.

EA Review: Stats and User Reactions

We begin with its website; Exynox’s website is professionally done even though it has no concrete information on how the bot trades. There are so many chances where Karl would have had the opportunity to explain his trading technique, but he chose a sales pitch instead.

There are also no backtests or verified statistics on the site, just a bunch of unlabelled screenshots that don’t give us the information we require. Screenshots are unfortunately unverifiable.

There are also no user reviews of his robot unless we count the ones he provides for us. These too look fake.

Final Thoughts

There are way too many loopholes for this bot to be considered legit. A lot of information has been left out, and the fact that Karl Dittman is selling his robot as a quick, get-rich scheme doesn’t induce our confidence. We wouldn’t recommend using this robot to trade.