Dynamic Pro Scalper’s fifth update claims to combine the grid/martingale system features, simple grade, and recovery system to ensure high profits, low drawdown, and less dependency on brokers. Combining these features with Asian scalping is interesting because common Asian scalpers can be very broker-dependent. We perform an extensive EA review on the Dynamic Pro Scalper to determine what makes it tick. Is the bot profitable?

What is Dynamic Pro Scalper?

Dynamic Pro Scalper is an Asian scalping trader that comprises bots made by Automated Forex Tools. We have no information about the forex bot’s creators or where the company’s headquarters is. With the robot, you can choose between nine currency pairs to trade. These pairs include GBPUSD, USDJPY, GBPCHF, GBPCAD, EURGBP, EURCAD, EURCHF, USDCAD, and USDCHF.

The trader is MT4 compatible and can work with any brokers, including ECN, NDD, and STP. To use this trader, you will make a one-time purchase of about $70 to $100, depending on the discount offers when you purchase it. With this package, you get one real and two demo accounts, lifetime updates, and 24/7 support. The scalper comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Features of the Dynamic Pro Scalper

  • The robot works with all brokers
  • Money Management
  • Broker protection
  • High recovery factor
  • Low drawdown
  • Automatic GMT offset detection
  • High slippage protection

EA Review: Dynamic Pro Scalper

With Dynamic Pro Scalper’s upgrade, traders can have a system that protects their finances by opening additional trades in the same direction if the initial trade is negative. By doing this, you are guaranteed to close trades at a profit no matter what the market looks like. The currency pairs that Dynamic Pro Scalper supports have their settings already integrated into the software. For newer currency pair that isn’t already pre-loaded, the robot loads them automatically. The robot’s developers have made it possible for traders to optimize the trading logic as they go.

The additional trades system that opens new trades when the first trade finishes in a loss is disabled by default, and you can modify it to your liking. When this system is enabled, it uses the best settings that the developers created to get you the best deals. The bot only trades during the Asian session, which can be a challenge in that brokers take advantage of this to offer high spreads and bad conditions. The additional trades system becomes less broker-dependent.

Dynamic Pro Scalper allows for volatile entry and exit levels. In regards to Forex trading, volatility represents how a market rises and falls drastically in a time frame. You can gauge this by analyzing the price deviations from what’s expected. For higher volatility, the price ranges widen, and a lot of trades follow a single direction. This is the opposite for lower volatility.

How does the Additional Trades System Work?

Dynamic Pro Scalper’s trades system is quite versatile. It can transform into three different techniques such as Simple Grid, Grid and Martingale, and a Recovery System. Simple Grid works with set levels where the trader places buy and sell orders within these levels. The trade will stop when the profit reaches the set levels.

For both the Grid and Martingale, the robot creates additional lot sizes and makes them bigger as you go. This technique makes this combination either the most successful or the most lethal there is. Because there is no control, you can trade until your account blows over.

As a recovery system, Dynamic Pro Scalper increases the risk every time you trade. This is why as a trader using this adaptation, you should set the distance between the initial and recovery trade accurately. The higher lot size is meant to correct any losses you may have encountered in previous trades.

The robot is compatible with both mac and windows operating systems. The bot advises traders to trade with risks of between 1-2% and trade wisely so that huge losses don’t cripple them financially. The software will require a minimum deposit of about $100-$500.

EA Review: Stats and Trader Reviews

The first thing we checked was the robot’s sales site, which is very professional, well laid out, and explains its methods quite well. There is still a bit of a mystery regarding the creators and the trading technique, but at least we have a little bit of information on what the bot does.

Dynamic Pro Scalper Backtests

We will focus on the EURCAD pair’s backtest that covers 15 years  (2004-2019). This backtest uses a 89.98% modeling quality, using M15. The spread is 10, and the initial deposit, 10000. Over the years, the deposit accrued 474173.12 in gross profit. From this, the relative drawdown was 3.96% and the profit factor 2.55. The total net profit came to 288032.78, which we can’t explain, as the drawdown is relatively low.

Dynamic Pro Scalper won 1537 short positions and 1758 long positions from 3295 trades throughout the 15 years. The largest profit trade was 1760.33, and the largest loss, 1963.47.

Dynamic Pro Scalper on Myfxbook

The stats on Myfxbook shows a demo account with extremely low down over the years. These drawdowns have spiked up to about 11% in April 2021. The bot gains about 0.04%, which is pretty low in Forex, but the profit is consistent because it’s low risk. The stats use the 1:500 leverage and show a 50+% gain on its trades since inception. We couldn’t find user reviews on Dynamic Pro Scalper.

Final Thoughts

Asian scalpers have high spreads which is dangerous, but Dynamic Pro Scalper seems to have found a way to rectify this. Dynamic Pro Scalper has no live account samples on Myfxbook, and we have to analyze demo accounts. We still don’t know the bot’s creators, and despite the low drawdowns, the profit estimates are meagre. There are no user reviews of the bot. We usually don’t condone robots with no proof of success and wouldn’t recommend this one either. But if you must use this, ensure that you’ve analyzed it inside out during the 30-day trial period.