Don’t we all want to sit back and relax while money makes itself for us? That’s what the creators of Daxbot are offering us. We perform an EA review of DaxBot Pro Expert by analyzing the robot’s sales page, trading techniques, user reviews, and stats to determine whether the robot is legit or not. 

What is Daxbot Pro Expert?

This is an automated trading bot that is one of three EAs created by Alno Trade. It trades on the DAX30 index and is especially compatible with MT4. The robot boasts a 5-minute installation and works well with any broker with DAX30 and a reasonable spread. The good thing about this robot is that it doesn’t use Martingale or grid but uses fixed lot sizes. 

Features of DaxBot Pro Expert:

  • Fully automated
  • Easy to install and use
  • High-quality trades and a higher winning rate
  • Transparent trading results
  • Frequent trades (3 times daily)
  • Ability to adjust lot sizes

You can gain access to the internal settings optimization system in one of two ways. The first option is €299, which gives you access to two live account numbers. This also entitles you to updates and upgrades, a comprehensive user installation manual, compatibility with any broker, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

The second option doesn’t require purchase. You get the bot free of charge using one of DaxBot’s trader’s broker partners. This version is only specific to a few geographic locations. You will be required to give a particular amount of deposit to be able to trade. 

EA Review: Daxbot Pro Expert

The robot’s newest version (V3.1) was released in March 2021. The robot comes with market trend indicators that work with the stop loss and take profit mechanisms to guard traders’ investments. The traders can use leverages of up to 500:1 and fixed lots depending on their broker’s specifications.

DaxBot uses trading techniques such as analysis of price congestion levels, support/ resistance, and critical pivot points. It believes in trading during the “golden hour,” which is essentially sometime around 8 am where major traders place their trades.

The robot will place three orders and wait for market trend indicators to give signals. If they don’t receive a trigger, then the robot erases the orders by 9 pm CET. The robot is a frequent trader and is designed to ensure it chooses trades with the potential of ending quickly. 

Stats and User Reactions

We start with their sales site, and this one is quite cluttered with information. It doesn’t look professional at all. What saves this German trader is that they don’t hide their technique. They have used simple language, and this impressed us.

The company has presented us with a 3-year backtest with an initial deposit of $10000, the total profit in the three years totaled to $7366.61, which is quite realistic. The trades were made using small lots. The backtest is quite detailed and is 75pages long.

The robot’s track record on Myfxbook isn’t verified, but it shows a total gain of 35.21%. From a €1,000 deposit, over a 24.59% drawdown, we see a €352.10 profit within three months. We couldn’t find any user reviews.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing a robot, the most coveted information is usually the trading technique and transparency about creators and location. This robot has ticked both of these. The only drawback is the lack of user reviews, but we recommend trying out this robot.